Urgent 1 Team Needed! 7 Girls & 7 Boys Tournaments

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Urgent 1 Team Needed! 7 Girls & 7 Boys Tournaments

Richard Toews
Niverville Collegiate will be hosting 2 mini basketball tournaments for grade 7s in the afternoon and evening (1:20-7:30 approximately). They will be 4 team round robin tournaments focussed on developing skills and equal playing time. Each team will get 3 games with each game being about an hour long. Cost is $90. Please forward to any schools that you know of that may be interested.

7 Girls Friday, March 1
7 Boys Wednesday March 6

8 minute run time quarters. Clock only stops for free throws and subs. (1 hour each game)
Mandatory subs at the 4 minute mark
No press
Man to man defense (no zone)
Free throws 1 foot in from the free throw line
1 Time out per half
Score reset each quarter (sorry, no trophy)
All other FIBA rules apply

Please get back to me ASAP. Thank you!

Richard Toews