I want to be a Coach in Winnipeg

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I want to be a Coach in Winnipeg

Hello, my name is Oleg Donetskiy. I'm 28 years old.
Would like to know how good my chances are to get a job as a basketball coach in Winnipeg? My family and I are about to start an immigration proces to Manitoba.
I have played basketball since I was 7 years old and I stopped playing when I was 22 (in the USA, Michigan, Kirtland Community College, the name of  my coach is Ty McGregor).  
I have been working in a Russian high school as a basketball coach for a short time, after that I have worked as a Fitness Instructor for 5 years long (in Russia).
I would like to ask if it's possible for me to find a job (basketball coach) in Winnipeg although I won't be able to start working immidiatly (because of my current location)?

Any information will be very helpfull!

Thank you

A video of me

email- olegdonetskiy@gmail.com